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Controller Window (Options)

Custom window that controls effects and others.

Value Dolar: 70 $
Value Real: 300,00 R$


Disable Excellent Effect - New

Disable Static Effect
Disable Dynamic Effect
Disable Glow Effect
Disable Reflect Effect
Disable +15 Effect
Disable Ancient Effect
- New

Disable Skill Effect
Disable All Shadows
Disable Map Objects
Disable Weapons
Disable Wings and Cloaks
Invisible Items
Reduce Zen Drop
Disable Click Effect
Macro Potions
- New
Disable Mini Map CS - New
Disable Raven for DL - New



Drag Window
Save Selection
Remove SD Globe with Disable Skill

"Many fixes"


Custom Pop-Up Slide with Web Link

Receive your players with a promotional
pop-up in the form of a slide!

"Three images, three links!"

Value Dolar: 10 $

Value Real: 40,00 R$


Custom Local Time in-Game

Add an elegant watch to your system with this customization.


Value Dolar: 6 $

Value Real: 25,00 R$

Custom Map Swimming

Add water maps to your client and make your character swim!

An option now possible.

The video example occurs in Atlans Abyss.

Value Dolar: 8 $

Value Real: 30,00 R$


10 Sequential Loadings

We usually have a 70% chance for
one image and 30% for another.

It is now possible to add 10 subsequent images.

Value Dolar: 16 $
Value Real: 70,00 R$


Custom Quick Access

Give the player the option to save up to 10 logins
and passwords for faster access to their accounts!

Value Dolar: 10 $
Value Real: 40,00 R$


Loading Bar Legend + 10 Scenes

With this option the loading bar becomes the same as in

Mu Legend, and it is still possible to have 10 background

images in sequence at each opening of the game.

Value Dolar: 10 $
Value Real: 40,00 R$


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