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Controller Window (Options)

Custom window that controls effects and others.

Value Dolar: 70 $
Value Real: 300,00 R$


Disable Static Effect
Disable Dynamic Effect
Disable Glow Effect
Disable Reflect Effect
Disable +15 Effect
Disable Ancient Effect - 

Disable Skill Effect
Disable All Shadows
Disable Map Objects
Disable Weapons
Disable Wings and Cloaks
Invisible Items
Reduce Zen Drop
Disable Click Effect

Auto Attack F6 - New
Disable Mini Map CS - New
Disable Raven for DL - New



Drag Window
Save Selection
Remove SD Globe with Disable Skill

"Many fixes"

Disable Core Texts


Custom Pop-Up Slide with Web Link

Receive your players with a promotional
pop-up in the form of a slide!

"Three images, three links!"

Value Dolar: 10 $

Value Real: 40,00 R$


Hide Interface Command

Press END to activate the function and remove the interface!

Very good for those who want to make beautiful photos or videos.

Interfaces that remove:
Main Interface - Chat Box Left - Pet Life Bar - Icon Buff - Cursor  - Skill Tool Tip

Value Dolar: 13 $

Value Real: 50,00 R$


10 Sequential Loadings

In the original version it is not possible

to add more than one loading image.


Now 10 in a row is possible!

Value Dolar: 16 $
Value Real: 70,00 R$


Loading Bar Legend + 10 Scenes

With this option the loading bar becomes the same as in

Mu Legend, and it is still possible to have 10 background

images in sequence at each opening of the game.

Value Dolar: 10 $
Value Real: 40,00 R$


Recycling for Inventory

Clear your inventory with 2 clicks...

Change the button interface to your liking!

Don't be afraid because it has a false click safety window!

Value Dolar: 8 $
Value Real: 30,00 R$


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